“Crooked Penis

Penis is an important body part, which defines the masculinity of a man. Studies note that for most men, their penis is of primary concern considering the way it looks and functions. The sexuality of a man is determined by the penis, since it serves as an important tool offering sexual pleasure to female partners. Moreover, it is responsible for procreation. Since not all men are born same, many may have a crooked penis owing to many reasons.

Penis, a reproductive organ, might get a curvature or may bend any time in a man’s life. Here, it becomes necessary to know the exact cause behind it and then think about a solution for it. While many men may shy away even with the thought of discussing this issue with their family doctor and close acquaintances, it is advisable they always consult a sex expert for it and get a formula.

Up for sex in bed, women habitually roll their eyeballs on your penis and image a fair judgment in their mind regarding your masculinity and sexual prowess. Consider the plight if you have a crooked penis and you fail to satisfy your partner without having a normal intercourse. You might just receive a shock and start doubting your masculinity, where in fact the curvature of your penis might just be corrected through some methods.

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Do not worry if you have a crooked penis, as it will not interfere with your manliness. A slight curve in it is normal and is usually the case with many married men. Actually, a perfectly straight penis is hard to trace in men. For a man, whose penis shows a curvature, some factors are indeed responsible. A primary factor is genetics. Crooked penis is even due to accidents with the curve getting more severe at times.

In many cases, even Peyronie’s disease is responsible for a bent penis. The hard lump or plaque forming on your reproductive organ’s lower or upper parts makes it appear curved. Peyronie’s disease may even lessen your desire and ability for better sexual intercourse. You need to undergo treatment if you witness an extreme curve in your penis. This situation might be dangerous certain times.

It is possible to straighten a crooked penis through surgeries. However, it might prove painful. You may work out some exercises and take medications to get relief from this penile disorder. Men may make use of traction devices, which are popular as penis extender for correcting the curvature. With such devices, you may expect correctness almost about 70%. They are pain-free, convenient to use and effective.

A crooked penis might interfere with your married life and it is even responsible for making relationships fall apart. Hence, before your partner calls it quit and your married life goes for a toss, it is advisable you think of ways for correcting the curvature and enjoy your married life happily. Technology, recently, has made it possible to straighten penis through artificial help and natural medications, which was not possible earlier.

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