“Curved Penis – Causes and Solutions

What is a curved penis?

A curved penis is a penis that has a minor or a very sever bent on it. Men can have a curved penis at any age, although they their chances of having a curved penis become more at the age of 55 but this is no hard and fast rule, even a new born baby can have a curved penis.

Why is having a curved penis trouble?

A curved penis is big trouble because it affects sex life greatly. In fact men having curved people rarely have a sex life because of the extreme pain they face when the penis erects or while they are making love. They cannot have oral sex and physical sex is usually totally out of the question.

But curved penis cannot be always so dreadful, some men have minor curved penis which does not hurt when they erect or when they are having an intercourse. Moreover, slightly gives can give more pleasure to your partner because it will enter in the right spots in a woman’s vaginal organs.

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What are the causes of curved penis?

The causes of curved penis are many, as mentioned below:

    1. Some men are born with curved penis.
    2. Sometimes men have a penis injury, in which the penis bleeds resulting into hardening of the sensitive zone. If the wound doesn’t heal properly then it results into curving of the penis and eventually the person becomes a victim of permanent curved penis.
    3. At times due to Erectile Dysfunction men have curved penis, this can temporary in nature and can be treated.
    4. One major reason of a curved penis is Peyronies Disease. Peyronies Disease Is considered as the most dangerous amongst all the reasons leading to curved penises. Peyronies Disease is basically deposits of lumps growing on the wall of the penis shaft making it look swollen and wounded. If a man becomes a victim of Peyronies Disease, his chances of having a sex life become rare if it is left untreated.


Is their any treatment available for Peyronies Disease?

Since decades scientists and researchers have been trying to find out ways and methods to treat curved penis and Peyronies Disease. Many methods they have come up with yet have been highly unsuccessful. Some of them are discussed below:

    1. The first solution that scientists came up with was surgery. But now scientists and doctors themselves confess that penis surgery as a cure to curved penis is not result oriented. There are many discouraging factors attached to penis surgery. Firstly, it is expensive around $55,000.

    Secondly, it is a lengthy and a painful procedure. Thirdly, usually no change is visible in the penis and if by chance a penis is straightened, it is for a very short time only. With in months the curved penis returns, disappointing the victim more. And fourthly, at times the surgery further shortens the size of the penis, creating more humiliating situations for the person.
    2. Some other solutions that have been invented are injecting various substances like mercury in the effected area, which is very futile. Then there are radiations, which is effective if the disease has been diagnosed in the initial stages.
    3. One method that is said to be effective are penis extraction devices. These devices make the penis straight by applying the same force on it, applied during orthopedic surgeries.


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