Red hot sex positions”


Cowgirl: A hot sex position with the women on top. This is the undisputed leader of positions that is designed to enhance the woman’s orgasm. The man lies on his back while the woman is on top of him, with his body between her legs. Most men like this position since they can lay back and enjoy the glorious view from the bottom, while the woman is doing all the work.

Women like this position as well because they can take hot sex positions with the women on topcontrol of it; they can set the pace of sex and make sure their clitoris is rubbing enough against the man’s pubic area each time she sinks down. And if that rubbing is not intense enough, guy, give the lady a hand. If the man can support her with just one hand, use the other to caress with her breast or play with her clitoris and make her orgasm like crazy.

A nice variation of the “women on top” position can be done in a chair as well. Get a chair without arms and which is hardy enough to support the combined weight and the subsequent “rocking”. Sit on the chair and let the lady straddle the man.

The curve of the man’s stomach and torso will make it impossible for her clitoris not to rub on the pubic area. For even more fun with this position, the man can always try to turn her around and find the G-spot with his penis; this should be a lot of fun. It’s heaven for both man and woman.

It’s not that hard for women to achieve orgasm. The trick is to get her hot with sexy foreplay and try to mix and match. Experiment with different positions, with varying rates and rhythms to find out what works the best. If the lady is not enjoying herself enough, men can try to use their fingers or penis to target the clitoris directly and make her squeal with pleasure. Men will find that she’s going to love them for this.

red hot sex positionsKeep the fires of passion burning alive by adding new excitement and sexual surprises that’ll keep you and your partner always wanting more.

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