“Male sexual health – How to control ejaculation


According to sex surveys, men take an average of 3 to 4 minutes during intercourse before orgasm is reached. However, in some cases, there are men who climax after a shorter period of time. Such cases are attributed to premature ejaculation. But as many experts also claim, this can be controlled, and more men can last longer in bed to enjoy sex even more.

How to control ejaculation, is it really possible? There are many aspects of the male anatomy that are greatly influenced by the mind. Take for instance, the case of men losing their libido or lacking any energy for sex.

A lot of times, these fellows think too much about work and stressing scenarios, which is why they end up performing poorly in bed. And the ladies are not happy about this situation either.

Premature ejaculation can be controlled if one sets his mind to it. Forget about people tagging this scenario as a sexual dysfunction or even a medical condition. Premature ejaculation is not. It is completely normal, and can happen to anyone.

The great thing about this is that it can be overcome, and one can do many things in order for it to be controlled or prevented. Follow these hints, and pretty soon you can last longer in bed, and your partner will be more than pleased.

For starters, take the time to examine yourself. You will need to determine the tickling sensations you encounter when you are just about to ejaculate. When you are familiar with them, you can find ways to control them so you can last longer in bed.

Some experts say that you should masturbate or do penile exercises regularly. There are other benefits to these exercises, too, such as improving the blood flow to the penis for longer lasting erections, and even for penis enlargement.

Here is another tip: you should empty your bladder before you have sex. This means you need to urinate so that your body will not instinctively feel the need to immediately release. Your mind will tell your male reproductive system that there is no need to hurry, since the bladder is empty. Funny as it may seem, this tip seems to be the most popularly followed for men who want to know how to control ejaculation.

The type of sexual position you assume can stimulate various areas of the body, most especially the genitalia. If you vary the position you use, then your penis receives less or even the least amount of stimulation, so you will not have the tendency to climax right away. Experiment with different positions to excite your partner more, too.

Here is one more piece of advice: seek the help of a doctor if you need further information on this matter. Do not attempt to take medications for controlling premature ejaculation without first consulting a medical professional, so you can avoid the occurrence of side effects.

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