“Male sexual health – How to last longer in bed


Are you curious to know about the average time it takes for a couple to complete sexual intercourse? According to surveys, the average length of sex for Americans, as of the year 2005, is about 28 minutes. However, these stats do not summarize how long the actual sex occurs, which involves the penetration itself.

You might be shocked, but for the guys, an average of 3 to 4 minutes is all it takes from vaginal penetration until ejaculation. Now, this data may really seem a little disappointing, especially for the women.

What are the reasons behind that short duration that a lot of people can relate to? Some studies confirm that it is the physical and mental stress that affects the sexual performance or sexual stamina of an individual. Thinking too much about work, business, financial difficulties, and other things cause a person to be too tired to even think about enjoying sex.

Have you ever had the feeling that things happen too fast during sex? Surely, you would want the experience to last longer, so that both you and your partner will be fully satisfied. Imagine how many relationship issues stem from the problem of sex? If you can work this out, you can last longer in bed and enjoy your relationship even more.

One of the most recommended techniques that a lot of men would advise is the use of herbal supplements. There are many products, like herbal pills, that promise that extra boost of energy and that added surge of libido.

Most of the ingredients found in these capsules have been used by the ancients for hundreds of years. Herbs like maca, muira puama, ginseng, and many others have been tested by tradition to improve sexual performance in both men and women.

De-stress yourself. Because your mind is too clouded up with issues and dilemmas, these thoughts tend to take a toll on your body. Find the time to unwind and rest. Get a massage or visit a spa. Do relaxing activities to get your body energized. And the great thing about these de-stress sessions is that you can also enjoy them with your partner.

Here is another tip on how to last longer in bed: try a different sex position for a change. It is said that variations in sexual positions can prevent one from getting too tired during sex, so he or she can last loner. Plus the variety makes things more sensual and exciting.

Perhaps one of the reasons why you can’t last longer in bed is that you feel that it is a monotonous task. Not excited enough, are you? Then why not spice things up a bit. Role playing is something that most couples think is silly or taboo, but therapists actually recommend it.

Adding that extra fantasy into the mix can make sex more interesting and enjoyable, such that you won’t have to worry about getting too bored and not lasting long enough.

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