“Male sexual health – How to increase your sperm count?


It is just not happening………You are trying to start a family, but your wife is not getting pregnant. Though there may be several different causes for this, one common reason is low sperm count. Due to the drastic change in lifestyle that has happened over years, the cases of low sperm count and low motility are on the rise.

So, is there a way out? Yes, of course – you only need to do some simple things to get out of this nagging problem. These steps can be broadly divided into five categories, namely, improved attire, healthy work style, healthy diet, healthy lifestyle, and miscellaneous other factors.

All these steps not only improve the quantity of sperm count, but also its quality. Let us go through them one by one.

    Attire: Heat is the number one enemy of sperms. Sperms wither in high temperatures. Therefore, use roomy pants, boxers, loose fitting dress, etc. There should be enough room for mobility. Also, avoid taking hot water bath if there are no other health issues.

    Work Style: Sedentary workers beware – sitting all day long will increase the testicular temperature, which will in turn damage your sperms. Therefore, take regular breaks, get off your chair and walk for a few minutes.

    Life Style: De-stress your life. Perhaps this is the most important cause of infertility. People have become so engrossed in the rate race that they do not have time to take care of their health.

    Follow a healthy lifestyle by avoiding excessive smoking and alcohol consumption and by practicing any discipline like yoga, meditation, or relaxation. There is also an expert opinion that strengthening the pubococcygeus muscles will help you to shoot better than before, thus increasing the chances of conception.

    Reducing weight will also go a long way in improving sperm count, as research also suggests that every extra 20 pounds a man carry may increase chances of infertility by 10%.

    Healthy Diet and Supplements: Glutathione is a substance that can increase sperm count in human beings. Hence, consuming more of vegetables like cabbage, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, etc. can improve the sperm count the natural way. Besides, glutathione is also an antioxidant which helps improve the quality of sperms.

    You can also take various supplements that will increase the sperm count; however, this should be done only after consulting with your primary care doctor. Some such supplements are Vitamin C, E, and enzymes like CoQ10. Use of aphrodisiacs like oysters will also increase your sperm count.

    Miscellaneous: The hi-tech gadgets, albeit making our life easier, has posed some serious concerns to us. Laptops and cell phones can damage sperm at a faster rate. Hence, minimize their use and keep them away when not in use. To improve quality research suggests having sex on a regular basis improves the quality of sperm and thus increases the chances of conception.

None of the abovementioned steps are hard to follow. A certain degree of commitment to follow these simple steps can solve your problem. So start implementing them one by one and see your family growing!

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