“Loss of libido


Libido is also called “sex drive” or desire for sexual relations. Perhaps the most frustrating change in female sexual life is the loss of libido. This is common in women but quite rare in men. According to the recent surveys, almost half of the female population (43%) in US suffers from loss of libido.

Desire disorders – you do not have a want for intimacy and sexual relationshow do i enhance my sex drive

Arousal disorders – you have difficulty responding to your partner’s advances, or cannot keep interested or aroused

Orgasm disorder – you are unable to obtain an orgasm, or climax during sexual activity with your loved one

All of the terms above are related to sexual dysfunction. It is important to find out what is causing women to have a loss of libido, so that everything can be done to correct that area.

What are the causes of lack of libido in women?

There are many things that can lead to loss of libido; it can be either physical or psychological.


– Anaemia, which is very common in women because of iron loss during periods.

– Drug abuse

– Side effects of treatments


– Depression

– Past sexual abuse or rape

– Stress and overwork

What should a woman do about lack of libido?

Try to communicate your feelings with your significant one (or doctor if necessary). Make sure that you talk about your feelings and problems, instead of thinking “it will all get better with time.” Communication is of high importance.

Always ask yourself these questions as well:

– Am I taking care of myself? (Enough sleep, good dieting, exercise daily?)

– Is the rest of my life in order? (Phone calls made, work completed, kids cared for?)

– Is the environment conducive to intimacy? (Comfortable, privacy?)

– Is my partner a person I really want to be with? (How do I really feel being with him?)

Together with these psychological and physical issues, women can always boost the physiological response from their sex organs with sex drive pills for women like Provestra.

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