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Disease Treatment



Peyronie’s disease is a disorder that is manifested by abnormal curvature of the penis during an erection due to some scarring of erectile tissue. This scarring prevents the straightening of the penis, and some people may be curved so severe that penetration is almost impossible. Those suffering from this disease experience pain during intercourse. The disease is most common among middle-aged men and elderly.

The Symptoms Of The Disease

The signs and symptoms of Peyronie’s disease can occur instantly or may be developed in time. Some symptoms include:

    – Curved penis during erection

    – A bulge along the inner part or both parts of the penis

    – Painful erections, some men do not feel pain than swelling reached

    – Inability to maintain an erection

    – Inability to penetrate

    – Shorten penis

In most cases the pain that is caused by Peyronie’s disease may disappear, but a curved penis will persist even if no pain is felt. Currently, the doctors do not know for certain the exact causes of the disease, but some of the existing theories include cases such as:

    – Injury to the penis: an accident in the penis can cause blood vessels in the penis to break and cause internal bleeding, which in time lead to severe wounds that may develop fibrosis or calcium deposits that have resulted in a curved penis

    – Autoimmune disorders: the scar might be a reaction of diverse immune system factors

    – Inheritance of an anomaly

    – Drugs: some drugs may cause Peyronie’s disease because a side effect. Most drugs are responsible for the occurrence of disease for high blood pressure, heart disease, glaucoma.

Straighten your curved penis


Some of the Peyronie’s Disease treatment methods include:

1) oral medication

If the disease does not show signs of improvement, the doctor may prescribe oral drugs, increasing treatment applies to the first 12-18 months when the wound is in training. Medicines recommended for this disease include:

    Colchicines is a drug that may inhibit the growth of collagen and improve the symptoms. The side effects of this medicine are the digestive problems and diarrhea.

    – Amino benzoate Potassium: taken after medical advice, this medicine can cure you of disease. Since no studies have been conducted to determine the exact efficacy of this product.

    – Vitamin E: Studies show that vitamin E can help alleviate disease, although in this case be conducted more thorough research.

2) Injections
Your doctor may encourage all Peyronie’s disease treatment consisting of drugs such as Verapamil injected directly into the injured part of the penis. Injections are meant to destroy the scar.

3) Surgery
If no drug for Peyronie’s disease treatment nor the injection have not actually been of any use and remains curved penis, you can opt for surgery. The doctors recommend this last method when the patient has painful sexual acts or acts of bad quality.

Surgery is necessary in order to restore the normal erections. Surgical options for Peyronie’s disease treatment are to remove scars or cutting portion affected. In some cases, the use of prosthesis can help maintain the erection during the act.

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