Red hot sex positions”


“Having sex” or “sexual intercourse” are the terms that are used to describe the insertion of the erect male penis into the female vagina. There is no right or wrong methods to having sex, yet there actually are some positions or techniques that can bring both the male and female to reaching an intense orgasm more effectively.

When relating to orgasm for men, a funny joke claimed once that all a woman needed to do to please a man is to show up Sex positionsnaked and bring beer. This may be a simplification of the male sexuality, and it showed that it really doesn’t take much for a man to reach sexual pleasure.

Pleasing a woman, however, is quite a different thing. While men usually tend to rely on a fast and none too subtle approach, women like to see things unfolding a bit differently. Here we picked a couple of red hot sex positions, which are fun for the ladies.

Missionary Position: So called because of a story that this sex position was taught by Christian missionaries as the only “proper” sex position. This is the good old style, the first thing that comes to mind when the word “missionary position” is encountered is “BORING!”

Nevertheless, this old style technique is delightfully suited for her orgasm because the man’s pubic mound is rubbing against the woman’s clitoris. Moreover, both partners can see each other eye to eye, kissing and caressing can even be done when penetrating. This definitely will help a woman reach orgasm quicker.

Even though missionary does not sound like a lot of fun and it is a bit uncomfortable for women ( with man’s weight upon her) and tiring for the man (who need to support his weight with his arms and knees), it can still be the very thing for those smart enough to make the most of it.

Doggie Style: This one requires the man penetrating her woman from the rear, while she crouches on all fours, facing down. This position is highly arousing for men since, they have the sight of a sexy view to feast their eyes upon. Men can reach around and play with the woman’s clitoris; that is as close as it gets to a surefire way to get the lady over the edge.

The direct stimulation of the clitoris and the deep penetration afforded by this position is excellent for fast and intense orgasm. Also it will be better for a man to make sure that he keeps a finger on her clitoris.

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