“Straighten your Curved Penis

A curved penis is an unpleasant penile disorder, which is a cause of worry for many men. It fills you with anxiety keeping you bothered all the time, especially when you plan to have sex with your partner. Here, you doubt your masculinity. With a visible curvature in your penis, you might just not want to get into the sexual act fearing the curved penis might be an object of ridicule to your partner.

There could be many reasons behind your curved penis. Perhaps, you have fallen prey to Peyronie’s disease. Besides, many men have laborious intercourse. They have too much sex frequently, which puts on extra stress on the penis. Over the time, they develop penile curves. At times, your penis undergoes much exertion around the areas of lovemaking, with women usually on your top while having sex.

Whether you suffer from Peyronie’s disease or you have sex with women usually applying pressures from over your top, in either of the cases you get a curved penis. Besides, genetic factors are also responsible behind penile curvature.

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Ways to Straighten Your Curved Penis:

It is easy to straighten a curved penis through many ways. However, best is to look for those options that do not require you undergoing any surgery or taking risky medication. However, how much time it takes to restore your curved penis to a normal state will depend on how harsh your problem is. Through non-surgical ways of straightening the penis as mentioned below, you may witness changes in your penis sooner or later.

Try the two safe ways as below for fixing your curved penis and encouraging your masculinity.

    1. Do Penis fitness exercises: You may join any exercise program aimed at helping men in straightening their curved penis. Exercises assist not only in enlarging the penis but also in correcting the bent penis. A popular technique for penis lengthening is jelqing. This method helps in breaking down the scar tissue thereby realigning your penis trying to make it straight.

    2. Use a traction device: For straightening your curved penis, you may try any traction or stretching device popular as penis extender. Such a device stretches out or extends your penis. Clinical reports stress widely on the use of traction device for erecting the penis. As you pull the traction device constantly, it loosens the tunica albuginea thereby straightening your curved penis. You need to fit the traction device onto your penis and then gently stretch the penis each time applying little more force. This way you get the result.

    3. Use of herbs: For straightening your curved penis the non-surgical way, you may even try natural herbs such as Kaunch Beej, Shilajit, Safed Mushali, Gotu Kola and Ashwagandha. These herbs may help you overcome penile curvature.


Almost all men face the problem of having curved penis some day or the other in their life owing to many reasons. However, you need not be guilty about it. By doing penis fitness exercises and using traction devices and natural herbs, you may straighten your penis. Since it may take time, the key here is to have patience and wait for the results.

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