“What drives the female sex drive


Dry season or is she really getting all dried up? And, what, she’s not even on her 50s? No, don’t blame your partner for it. Instead, look inside – and, we mean, really inside her. Dr. Theresa L. Chrenshaw, author of the book Alchemy of Love and Lust and a known specialist in sexual and related medicine of San Diego, says she needs to start befriending her hormones for a livelier and fulfilling all-nighter.

First, don’t do it if she feels not doing it – even helping her to achieve ecstasy and elation in bed might not even help. But don’t blame her if she’s not even for it – even for a week! The female sex drive is affected by hormones, emotions, maturity, and family and social relationships, said Dr. Chrenshaw.

Though you believe you have done everything to waken up her inner sex goddess, the need of a woman and even her sex urges are her hormones talking. So whether she is in her 20s or even in her late 60s, here are some points that you need to consider to get her all steamy especially when she’s on these age levels.

Sex Madness

This is the time when she can’t just get her hands off you. It is during her 20s that the female hormones are all ripe – so keep reaping. Her hormones primarily makes her so responsive and so giving that it makes her ask for more – even if you’re already on the third round. It is during this age that she just can’t help but ask for a more satisfying and longer foreplay, touching, and your approval.

Though you have all the fun until the wee hour of the morning, don’t ever tell her that you want to take this to the next level if you still want more. Though you get to thank her hormone for a great performance and her unbelievable female sex drive you could also say that your romance could be short-lived because of it.

Teen drama that you normally see in movies caused by break-ups (even when they had great sex) can be caused by all the aggressiveness of these hormones. So don’t expect her to just hug you when you say that you want to go steady. When you see that bewildered and befuddled stare plus the walk-out – it could be not you (heard this line before?), it’s her hormone.

The Peak

It is during her twenties that her engine’s all revved up. Her estrogen is on her peak so this is the fastest and longest marathon you could get. A woman in her twenties is at her peak – from the way she looks to the way she moves. A known sex hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) drives both your and your partner’s sexual drive.

DHEA ultimately drives one’s sex drive and just produces a massive amount of pheromones, an inherent scent of every human that is just important to arouse one’s sexual desirability. If you’re not only for the fun but is in a mission in getting her have your son then now is the best time for her estrogen is just as its peak.

It is during this age that she’s all fertile and even more sexually focused. Though her female sex drive is at its peak, heck, her emotional attachment and involvement is all behind it. If, now, she’s more into getting your love and approval (even on what she would wear), then, it’s all her hormones talking, again.

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