“Reason why you should straighten
your curved penis


Men are concerned about the size and shape of their penis – there is no getting around it! Statistics show that men are very concerned with the look and performance of their penis, and generally, the man’s sexuality will be defined by how he feels his penis is viewed by others.

The penis is a tool for sexual pleasure, and procreation, which only he can provide. It is forbent penis this reason that a man puts such emphasis on the size of his penis. And, it isn’t only the size that is a concern, but the shape of his penis as well.

Men want their penis to be looked at and admired, and believe that the overall shape of their penis will determine how much success he will have while having sex.

A man’s penis is actually not normally perfectly straight. Most will have a slight bend, and that is completely normal. It is actually quite rare to find a man with a penis with no bends at all. So, what causes the curves to the penis?

Causes of curved penis

The most common and obvious factor is genetics. Genes pass down from generation to generation, and it is understood that the shape of a man’s penis will be dictated in the same way. That will apply to size and color as well.

An accident, even a minor one, can cause the penis to bend in a certain way. The curve can get worse, and may even become permanent, if proper treatment is not received. Another reason for a penis curvature is a condition called Peyronie’s Disease. This can be treated, and should receive attention, in order to keep it from getting worse.

Do women like curved penis?

There is always debate as to whether or not a straight or crooked Do women like bent penis?penis will be more effective during sex. The biggest concern for men, however, is how they are viewed by women. A straight penis will obviously look better, and women may feel more inclined to have sex with a man who has a straight penis.

Women may look at a penis that has a different shape, and feel less enthusiastic about the idea of having sex. They may fear that it will be uncomfortable, and won’t want to take the chance of ending up suffering instead of feeling pleasure.

This leads to another reason why you should straighten your penis. An extremely curved penis can be the cause of a lot of pain during intercourse for the man and the woman. Any discomfort or suffering will not allow for very pleasurable sex!

There is an advantage to having a curved penis, if all of the other problems can be overcome. The sensation that a bent penis brings when it has entered the vagina is entirely different for a woman. They can actually receive great satisfaction, because the bent penis reaches spots that a straight penis just cannot reach.

Solution for bent penis

There are many ways to straighten the curved penis, and should be considered if it is affecting your overall sex life. There are exercises, medications, and devices such as SizeGenetics or ProExtender that have been developed to help those who are suffering from having a bent penis. It is treatable, which can give you the shape of penis you want.

Be a confident guyYou will feel more confident, which will increase your overall desire. And, that is always a good thing!

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