“Male Infertility – What is low sperm count?


Many couples are attempting to get pregnant with no success every year. After undergoing various tests to determine the reasons for the difficulty, male infertility and a low sperm count has been determined as the problem in a reported third of identified cases.
 low sperm count

When a man has problems with ejaculation or his sperm count, he is generally diagnosed as suffering from male infertility. During orgasm, semen is released through the penis.

When there are problems, and the man is not able to release semen properly during ejaculation, the woman is less likely to be able to get pregnant.

Causes of low sperm count

There are several explanations for what is causing these problems, including erectile dysfunctions, premature ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation (meaning the semen is pushed back in to the bladder), or resulting from complications of surgery or radiation therapy.

There are also several possible reasons for having a low sperm count or even no sperm at all. Some of the more common causes are a severe mumps infection, hormonal disorder, hereditary factors or other types of infections.

In addition to these common causes, other triggers include wearing tight or restrictive underwear, excessive use of tobacco, alcohol or other drugs, and exposure to radiation or dangerous chemicals.

There are also cases where a man has sperm which is “abnormal” – meaning it is malformed and has a very short life span. Technically, the sperm is unable to “swim” correctly when they are ejaculated.

Any abnormal development or inflammation of the testicles and swollen veins in the scrotum can result in these abnormal sperm. The inside of the scrotum is heated and the sperm production can be negatively affected.

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Luckily, this problem can now be fixed

Low sperm count is treatableThe good news in all of this is that male infertility can usually be treated. Over 50 percent of male infertility cases can be fixed, and help the couple to get pregnant through normal sexual intercourse.

There is a wide assortment of treatments available including medications, antibiotics and hormones that a man can take to improve sperm production, eliminate any infection or fix any hormonal imbalance.

If male infertility has been the result of an illness or genetic problem, it usually can’t be prevented. However, there are many different methods that can be used to reduce the chances of suffering from any other infertility problems. Wearing loose underwear, such as boxers is one such idea.

Also, avoiding hot tubs, saunas and hot showers is a good idea for men who are concerned about fertility problems. It is also recommended to avoid drugs, alcohol and contact with other dangerous or poisonous substances – in general just live a healthy lifestyle and always practice good hygiene.

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Solution for low sperm count

Increase sperm countResearch has demonstrated the there are actually two ways that sperm volume can be increased. The first is doing PC exercises. Kegel exercises have long been recommended for helping a man increase stamina, but they can also help to increase overall sperm volume. There are several exercises available to keep the penis in shape and the sperm count high.

The second recommended method is taking herbal supplements which contain amino acids and zinc. There are some great products available on the market today, such as “Volume Pills” or “Semenax Volume Enhancer”. If they are taken regularly, amino acids are generally believed to increase ejaculate fluid.

Zinc has been shown to improve both the amount of sperm that is produced and the sperm’s ability to move spontaneously. Working together, these key ingredients will help to increase sperm volume significantly and eliminate male infertility.

Having a low sperm count doesn’t mean that you will never have a chance to get a woman pregnant. There are so many choices and options available today to help with the problems of male infertility and low sperm count, that with a bit of research you can find a way to fix your problems.

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